99Frames – Never take the last leaf

99Frames -

This short animation is my entry for the 99Frames Social Animation Project (

I decided to use this opportunity to push myself into learning more about modeling and rigging in Cinema4D. Everything in the scene was modeled from scratch. Some items like the fence and tree were made using the new, totally awesome sculpting tools offered in R14. For the windblown leaves I used the new aerodynamics features of R14. Overall I am pleased with the result…it proved difficult to try and tell a complete story, and add a little humor, in three short seconds!

Thanks to David Drayton (@neosushi68 on Twitter) for organizing this fantastic reason to get out there and use Cinema4D!

Concept/Design/Modeling/Rigging/Animation/Sound Design: Marc Pearson – Footprint Productions

Music: Yoshi by Troy (

Software Used:

 Modeling/Animation: Cinema4D R14

 Color Correction: Adobe After Effects

 Sound Design: Adobe Premiere Pro

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