Character Animation Test

Character Animation Test in Cinema4D

I have been submersing myself in character design, modeling and rigging lately. I am determined to open up my skill set to this new horizon and here is the result of my work so far...

99Frames - Never take the last leaf

99Frames -

This short animation is my entry for the 99Frames Social Animation Project (

Cinema 4D Character Rig and Walk Cycle

Character rig and walk cycle in Cinema4D

In my ever continuing quest to broaden the scope of my skill set, I took some time to muscle through the character rigging and animation workflow in Cinema4D.

Particle Play - Thinking Particles Logo Reveal

Partcile Play - Cinema4D Thinking Particles Logo Reveal

More R&D for Thinking Particles within Cinema4D. This time I wanted to play around with multiple groups and lots of particles.

Free Sketch and Toon Shaders for Cinema4D

Free Skecth and Toon Shaders for Cinema 4D

Here is a great FREE resource that I ran across today and I thought that I would share it here on my blog. We all spend a lot of time trying to get that perfect look on our renders, and it helps to have a library of textures and shaders to get things moving a little bit faster!

Thinking Particles Tutorial Teaser-Dynamic Collisions

Cinema4D Thinking Particles tutorial
Stand by for a new tutorial coming out very soon! I have been exploring the Thinking Particle system in Cinema 4D and this next tutorial in the series will be a good one. I will show you how to integrate the system with dynamic collisions to create sparks. We will do some rigging with the dynamics system and Xpresso, plus the Thinking Particles setup!

ReNameIt - Free Cinema4D Preset

ReNameIt is a FREE Cinema4D Preset from Footprint Productions

So anyone that has worked with text in Cinema4D has had to try to keep up with renaming their MoText object so that your scene stays nice and tidy...but not anymore!

Getting Started in Python

Python Scripting for Motion Graphics and 3D Design

So you might be curious how scripting languages can help you in your production workflow, but you say "Hey, I am a designer...not a coder". Well, the two don't necessarily have to be mutually exclusive!

Footprint Productions Gets a New Look

Footprint Productions has a new home, now with blog, tutorials and product pages!

Well it has taken some time with everything going on, but it has finally arrived! Footprint Productions now has a new cyber home...or at least a new look and more functionality! Now you can navigate the site to find exactly what you are interested in.

Alien Bust - Digital Sculpting with Cinema4D

Digital sculpting with Cinema4D R14

Worked with the newest version of Cinema 4D and the new sculpting tools. This bust started out as a cube and with just a bit of work and a lot of fun the alien was born :) I am really liking, no LOVING, the newest version of Maxon's Cinema4D!


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