Character Animation Test

Character Animation Test in Cinema4D

I have been submersing myself in character design, modeling and rigging lately. I am determined to open up my skill set to this new horizon and here is the result of my work so far...

I recently sketched up a Super Hero character, yet to be named. I then took the one perspective sketch (seen below) and proceeded to model him in Cinema4D. After I was happy with the model overall, I dove straight into the rigging of the model. Now for those that have never done a character rig in any 3D program, this is a wild ride! There is so much to remember and think about and quite frankly to screw up if you do it wrong. Nonetheless, I pressed on and now have a character that has been concepted, modeled, rigged and now animated by me alone!

Concept Sketch:
Super Hero Concept Sketch

The mostly finished model:
Character Model

In the near future I hope to do a tutorial series to chronicle the entire process, so stay tune for that! In the meantime, I hope you like the short test I did with the rig....


0 # Ruben Müller 2013-10-25 11:15
Haha, loved the video – but it's too short. Hope you stay with characters for some more and if you need any help, you know my email address. :)

We need more character stuff in the C4D world!
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0 # Administrator 2013-10-25 14:16
Thanks Ruben! I had something planned out for this guy, but I got busy with other projects and never came back around. Maybe I will revisit this one soon!
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