Edit-Optimize Free Script For Cinema4D

Free python script for Cinema 4D. Easily make your objects editable and optimize them with one click!

EDIT-OPTIMIZE is a helper script that takes the repetitive task of making objects editable…to just ONE click! I am proud to be partnering with my buddy Joren Kandel from for this free offering. I have been working closely with Joren over the past month or so and we will have some pretty cool stuff on the horizon. Enough of all that…what’s with EDIT-OPTIMIZE? Well…

The process of making Extruded text editable in Cinema 4D can be quite repetitive. First, making the object editable. Then selecting the children. Make them editable. Then, select everything again and finally “connect and delete”. It is a process we all know too well! Why do ALL of that when EDIT-OPTIMIZE does all of it with one click! Give it a try and see what you think! While EDIT-OPTIMIZE is a FREE offering from Footprint Productions.


You can find the script here:



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