Footprint Productions Gets a New Look

Footprint Productions has a new home, now with blog, tutorials and product pages!

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Well it has taken some time with everything going on, but it has finally arrived! Footprint Productions now has a new cyber home…or at least a new look and more functionality! Now you can navigate the site to find exactly what you are interested in.

Over the course of a few months we have been designing this new site so that it caters to our different audiences. You will notice first of all, since you are reading this post, that we now have a Blog section to the site. Make sure to bookmark this section as it will be here that you will find posts about industry news, upcoming events, design tidbits and other relevant things we run across in our journey to be better at what we do.

Also, we have redesigned our Tutorials section to make it easier to access and view our tutorials. You can leave comments, questions or suggestions in the Comments section below the article. We would love to hear your feedback, so don’t be shy! As you can see, we have an ongoing series covering Thinking Particles in Cinema4D, so check back often to see if there is a new one. With the migration of this site and other work going on we haven’t gotten to the fourth in the series, but that one is coming so no worries.

In addition, you can find our re-vamped Products section. Here you can see everything we have to offer to the design community and to Cinema4D users in particular. Not only do we showcase our plugin for Cinema4D “PyDeform v3.0”, but you will also find other FREE resources here as well!

We hope that you enjoy the new look! Please bear with us as we get some of the content moved over, and if you find a broken link just drop us a line!

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