Free Sketch and Toon Shaders for Cinema4D

Free Skecth and Toon Shaders for Cinema 4D

Here is a great FREE resource that I ran across today and I thought that I would share it here on my blog. We all spend a lot of time trying to get that perfect look on our renders, and it helps to have a library of textures and shaders to get things moving a little bit faster!

While surfing around the web today waiting for our server to recover, I came across a set of over 58 shaders for Cinema4D’s Sketch and Toon module…and the best thing is that they are free for private and commercial use! Now I don’t know about you but I LOVE free resources! I think that one of the best things about the Cinema4D community is the willingness of its members to help each other out with bits and pieces to make all of our lives easier. Since I have been creating free tutorials, presets and scripts for the Cinema4D community I decided that I just had to pass this along as well.

So, follow the link below to download the shaders and be sure to thank the creator for providing them to the community! Enjoy and happy rendering!

58+ FREE Sketch and Toon Shaders for Cinema4D

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