ReNameIt - Cinema4D Preset

ReNameIt is a FREE Cinema4D Preset from Footprint Productions

So anyone that has worked with text in Cinema4D has had to try to keep up with renaming their MoText object so that your scene stays nice and tidy...but not anymore!

PyDeform v4.0 Plugin For Cinema4D

-Twenty-five built-in deformers to choose from! -Automatically positions and re-sizes the deformer so you dont have to! -Update deformer orientation AND size on the fly! -Huge time-saver and efficiency booster

Well here it is...PyDeform v4.0! You spoke and we listened! Now you have three built-in layouts to choose from, making PyDeform extremely flexible. Choose between the Default, Horizontal or Vertical layout options and dock PyDeform in your interface!

Edit-Optimize Free Script For Cinema4D

Free python script for Cinema 4D. Easily make your objects editable and optimize them with one click!

EDIT-OPTIMIZE is a helper script that takes the repetitive task of making objects just ONE click! I am proud to be partnering with my buddy Joren Kandel from for this free offering. I have been working closely with Joren over the past month or so and we will have some pretty cool stuff on the horizon. Enough of all that...what's with EDIT-OPTIMIZE? Well...

RenderFrame Free Script For Cinema4D

Quickly render ONLY the current frame with no fuss in Cinema4D

Put together a little script to help with your test renders. With this script, all you do is push the button and it will render your current frame,and you never have to touch the render settings. The script temporarily changes the settings and then changes them back to their previous values.


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