ReNameIt – Free Cinema4D Preset

ReNameIt is a FREE Cinema4D Preset from Footprint Productions

So anyone that has worked with text in Cinema4D has had to try to keep up with renaming their MoText object so that your scene stays nice and tidy…but not anymore!

With ReNameIt, a free Cinema4D preset from Footprint Productions, all you have to do is add our preset directly onto your existing MoText object and ReNameIt will automatically change the name of your object to match what the text object displays in your viewport! Also included is a “ReNameIt – MoText” preset that already has the MoText object setup for you. Just double click the preset in the Content Browser or drag and drop it into your scene!

To install:

1. Download and unzip the file provided.

2. Move the “ReNameIt.lib4d” file into your user preferences directory inside of the “library>>browser” folder.

3. Restart Cinema4D and look for it in the “Presets” directory in your Content Browser.

In my last article, I talked about the power of Python in Cinema4D and this is just an example of how your workflow can be improved with just a tiny bit of code. You can even set this new ReNameIt MoText object as the default, so that every time C4D adds MoText to your scene it will be set up and ready to go.

To make this the default functionality, follow these steps:

1. Add the ReNameIt MoText object to your scene.

2. Change the “Text” attribute to whatever you want the default to be.

3. Go to the attributes menu “Edit>>>Set As Default”

Now every time you add MoText to your scene you will be good to go!

I hope that everyone enjoys the new preset! As I come up with more free offerings I will be adding a “Donate” button to the site. If you like the tutorials and free stuff, feel free to come back and buy me a virtual beer! Until then…go make something!

Download ReNameIt here!

***Note: This new version now includes support for MoText as well as the Text object. It will even rename your ExtrudeNURBS to match your Text object! ***

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