RenderFrame Free Script For Cinema4D

Quickly render ONLY the current frame with no fuss in Cinema4D

Put together a little script to help with your test renders. With this script, all you do is push the button and it will render your current frame,and you never have to touch the render settings. The script temporarily changes the settings and then changes them back to their previous values.

Tired of changing your Render Settings every time you want to do a test? Want to quickly render ONLY the current frame with no fuss? RenderFrame will do that for you! RenderFrame will temporarily adjust the Render Settings to render to the Picture Viewer WITHOUT saving the image, and then it puts everything back where it found it like a good little script should.

Download the script here: RenderFrame – FREE Python script for Cinema 4D

Simply unzip the file and place the entire folder named “RenderFrame” into your preferences folder under “…library/scripts/”

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